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Something something front-end, something something…

I specialise in the front-end build of websites and create robust, maintainable HTML, CSS and JavaScript solutions for teams to work with. I have an obsession with writing clean, modular, reusable code.

I’ve been working as a developer for 7 years now and have gained a huge passion for automating development and testing workflows — speaking on these subjects at local meetups and national conferences.

My career has been built in-house at software companies and in some of the top agencies in Manchester. Through this I have had the chance to work on huge scale, content-managed platforms for companies around the world, as well as consult and advise in my area of expertise for my employers clients.

Dan’s passion for the job is evident in the work he produces and his desire to make the web a better place for everyone.

— Andrew “Branny” Brandwood, Head of Front-End Development at Code Computerlove

Featured blog post:

  1. Framewerk

    Yes, another framework. I made my front-end build process and prototyping framework generic and documented it all for others to use.