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Latest posts (2016)

  1. Using WebP in your work

    A short guide on how to automatically generate and use the new WebP image format in your workflow.

  2. Why documentation?

    The produced JavaScript documentation for this website, and why I like having good code documentation across a team.

  3. Commit messages and git hooks

    By introducing a few pre-written Node packages into our workflow, this is how we established our commit message standards and enforced them across our entire front end team.

    Originally written for the Code Computerlove blog
  4. Automating visual regression testing

    Automatic visual regression testing has incalculable value - whether baked into a new build from the ground up or being retrofitted to legacy projects.

  5. Optimising your Travis build

    Building on my previous introductory post on getting set up with Travis CI, here’s a few more quick tips that I’ve learnt to optimise your build.

Earlier posts (2015)