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Post archives (2014)

  1. Travis ain’t scary

    The final (for now) in the “Front End Ain’t Scary” series of posts, this introduces Travis CI, the continuous integration service.

  2. Don’t be an imposter

    Inspired by Geek Mental Help Week, I wanted to sum up my thoughts on Imposter Syndrome and on trying to overcome it on a daily basis.

  3. Grunt ain’t scary

    Moving on to Grunt, the next post in the “Front end ain’t scary” series introduces the popular JavaScript task runner.

  4. BEM up your variables

    Taking the concept of BEM - Block, Element, Modifier - and applying it to help with Sass variables in my framework.

  5. Yeoman ain’t scary

    Another post in the “Ain’t Scary” series, this post introduces Yeoman and gives an example of a basic generator setup.

  6. Dammit!

    A little Node package I wrote to print out a random curse when something goes wrong!

  7. Bower ain’t scary

    Another in the “Front end ain’t scary” series, this post introduces Bower and discusses its uses.

  8. Git ain’t scary

    Another article in “Ain’t Scary”, where I’ll write little tips to get started with Git via the command line.

  9. Command line ain’t scary

    This article is part of a new series I’ll write entitled Ain’t Scary, where I’ll write little tips to get you going on things that I’ve just discovered little tips to get me going on.

  10. Bash profile shortcuts

    I wrote this Gist a while ago and it came in handy last week when I was showing a colleague some handy shortcuts to add to his .bash_profile - so here it is.

  11. Getting a git repository going

    Another reference for myself so I don’t have to trawl my memory banks (and the internet) every time I set up a new project.

  12. My Sass media query mixin

    A gist of my Sass media query mixin. I keep forgetting to upload and share snippets of CSS/Sass with people who ask, so here it is!