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Post archives (2015)

  1. Sharing Ramadan

    My experience fasting for Ramadan for 5 days to support my friends doing it.

  2. Open sourcing my bucket list with Trello

    I needed a way to keep my bucket list available to me so I wouldn’t keep losing track of it, and making it public on Trello seems like a great idea!

  3. On stress

    A while ago I was about to burn out. Instead of going crazy I chanelled all of that into all of this.

  4. Git-flow ain’t scary

    I promised I’d write this when I overcame my initial apprehension of git-flow…turns out it’s not scary at all.

  5. Front end is dead

    I was asked to summarise for a group of IT students what goes into a job like mine, and in doing so I realised that it’s damn near impossible to do so these days…

Earlier posts (2014)