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I’ve been making websites since I was 14 (the first one even had JavaScript!) and have 8 years professional experience in front-end development. I now provide freelance development and consultancy helping teams collaborate and work better together, streamline workflow and maintain quality.

I live in the the UK and can travel or work remotely where required. I’m looking for front-end development and consultancy work for digital agencies or companies building their own products.

My expertise is in:

In all the years of working within this industry Dan has to be one of the most talented, knowledgable and proactive developers I have had the pleasure of working with.

— Peter Broom, Front-End Developer

Dan’s workshop delivery is incredibly professional, his mentoring skills are exceptional, and feedback from his sessions is always excellent.

— Claire Dodd, Founder of CodeUp Manchester

Dan was thrown into the deep end on some very challenging projects as lead front end dev and rose to the challenge perfectly

— Andrew Blackledge, Front-End Developer at Building Blocks (UK) Ltd

Dan was a pleasure to work with. He is a talented, very experienced and enthusiastic front end developer whose broad knowledge of all things “internets” shines through in his work.

— Ali Smith, Front-End Developer

Dan is always looking out for ways to improve our team’s workflow and code quality, and works hard to not only continually improve himself, but also train and mentor other developers.

— Clara Jordan, Web Developer at The Black Eye Project

Dan is an immensely talented professional with a flair for finding elegant solutions for difficult problems.

— Jordan Robinson, Developer at Building Blocks (UK) Ltd

Dan’s passion for the job is evident in the work he produces and his desire to make the web a better place for everyone.

— Andrew “Branny” Brandwood, Head of Front-End Development at Code Computerlove

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