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I am making a visible, accountable pact to write more.

This lunchtime I had a conversation with Jibubo (Chris Gibbons to you) and it got around to how we both start off our year enthuastic about learning new technology, reading All Of The Books and sharing our knowledge via public speaking and blogging online, only to hit a wall halfway through the year, lose sight of that goal and pretty much just stagnate.

I mentioned that I now have a Personal Development Trello board which I have made public in order to have some visibility and accountability for what I want to achieve. This stems from the public Bucket List I have on Trello — which gained a lot of tracion last year by having it so open to criticism and suggestion.

So in the interest of accountability for our goals regarding our respective blog writing, we made a pact to list all of the half finished posts we’ve given up on, the new ideas that we want to write about but never seem to make the time for, and future brain dumps of subjects.

Upcoming and currently abandoned posts

  • “Using webp in your workflow” — a part written post on implementing WebP format images with fallbacks for non-supporting browsers
  • “Accessibility quick wins” — A post to summarise quick, easy to implement technical wins to improve accessibility - one from each of the most common impairment types
  • “Visual regression testing II” — a follow-up post to Automating visual regression testing - a post that has proven quite popular so needs extending in more detail now, especially as I will present on the subject at Front End North in September 2016
  • “Document all the things!” — A half-written post about the benefits of documenting code, within a team
  • “ES-What?!” — A post to go with a talk I’ll be presenting at JavaScript North West in October 2016


This is me and Mr. Gibbons creating responsibility and accountability for our ideas to blog more, to attempt to shame us into finishing half-written ideas and posts. A lot of Trello boards.

Check my blog and Chris’ blog in the coming months for more progress on this. Gibbo get writing!