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My First Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps logo
(Source: We now have a community-approved Progressive Web Apps logo!)

I dove into creating a progressive web app recently using my blog as a test case. It took about half an hour. You should do it too.

Service worker

Service workers seem to have been around for a while and are now getting more and more support from browser vendors. See: Jake Archibald’s Is service worker ready?.

A service worker is…

It’s now so easy to create and implement a service worker…

console to unregister service worker whilst developing

only bundle it in production builds after you’re happy with it (e.g. bundled into create-react-app production build)

sw-precache in build process

sw-precache also busts the cache on a deployment with a hash of the file’s contents.

testing - lighthouse -

now built in to Chrome console

bonus resource: offline notification