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A bucket list?

Just about everybody has a bucket list. If not a formal one, surely some type of list of things they’d like to achieve, places they want to visit and everything in between.

I’ve written and lost both physical and digital lists countless times and found myself compiling yet another bucket list during some downtime in Kraków over the weekend - after just ticking off a couple of items!

Enter Trello

When thinking of how to host said list somewhere I could always access it it occurred to me that Trello would be perfect as I could also now tick off accomplishments as I go...And who doesn’t love a good checklist to complete and “Done” column to fill?! It constantly amazes me the uses of Trello that I’ve seen for Trello since I discovered it a year or two ago.

A screenshot of my bucket list Trello board, showing the 'Travel' card with a list of places to travel.
My ‘Travel’ card with a list of a few places I want to visit.

Part way through cramming my board with absolutely EVERYTHING I could think of I came to the decision make it public as well. Giving potentially anybody in the world access could be a great way to get ideas and inspiration.

Open ambition

So I have in effect open sourced my ambitions, my achievements and ideas for what I want in the future. I’ve opened up commenting and voting on the board and I’m hoping that I can send this out to friends, family and colleagues and get their feedback and contributions towards my ideas. 

Maybe it’ll even get me some accompaniment or help with a few items on the list…I’m thinking a buddy for the Three Peaks, or a handy opportunity to speak at an event.


I wrote a big list of the things I want to achieve and made it public for the world to see.

As with anything public and open source, it’s there to be commented on, voted on, criticised and contributed to!