You are currently offline, so some features of this site may not work fully.

Your browser doesn’t support some of the latest CSS features used to build this site.

Read more about my usage of new CSS features.

Content first

Right now the main purpose of my blog is content and as such, I’ve put the content up first without bothering with CSS, JavaScript and other such fancy things. It’s pretty good markup, semantic and optimised for screen readers and assistive technology. I’m more bothered about that right now then how it looks.

Messing around

This website is a playground for me to mess around with the latest web technologies. I’ll probably document them on my blog at some point.

Here’s some of the things I want to use:

  • CSS custom properties
  • CSS grid
  • CSS @supports
  • ITCSS architecture
  • Service Worker - offline-first
  • HTTP/2
  • Native JavaScript modules
  • ES2015 features
  • New progressive image formats
See more on the Trello board.

Support and optimisation

Because of this, I’ve decided that with this website I’ll only be supporting the latest versions of browsers (this may also fluctuate depending on my analytics stats), and even then some things will probably behave a bit strangely.

The latest versions of the most popular browsers are listed on Browse Happy (you could think about upgrading if you’re not using one of these).

In experimenting slowly and building this site from the ground up, the experience for everyone should be optimised anyway. If not, feel free to send me a Tweet about it or open a GitHub issue. Thanks.


A brief explanation of why this website might not look quite right, and my methodology behind building the next iteration of my blog.

For the record, I think it looks alright.