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I present at meetups and conferences on technical and soft skills subjects including:

A lot of these talks are based on blog posts that I’ve previously written, so check out my blog for a preview of the content. I have talks prepared on the above subjects, so if you’d like to invite me to speak at an event please send me an email.

Dan’s workshop delivery is incredibly professional, his mentoring skills are exceptional, and feedback from his sessions is always excellent.

— Claire Dodd, Founder of CodeUp Manchester

Upcoming talks

No currently scheduled talks. Please send me an email if you’d like me to speak at your event.

Previous talks (slides/transcripts)

  1. My First Progressive Webapp

    My First Progressive Webapp

  2. My First Progressive Webapp

    My First Progressive Webapp

    Frontend Fighters, Budapest
  3. The Front-end Barrier

    The Front-end Barrier

    The Cynical Developer podcast
  4. ES-What?!


    The latest in JavaScript
    JavaScript North West
  5. Visual regression testing

    Visual regression testing

    Move fast and try not to break things
    Front End North 2016
  6. CSS


    The Edge of the Cascade
    Code Computerlove
  7. The Lean Studio

    The Lean Studio

    Running a modern agency
    Agile Manchester 2016
  8. Don’t be scared of open source!

    Don’t be scared of open source!

    Overcoming the barriers to entry
    Manchester Tech Nights